50 years old Christian mother tortured on not converting to Islam

50 years old Christian mother tortured on not converting to Islam
Kasur: A 60 years old Muslim landlord enforcedly converted a 30 years old Christian daughter of his employee and later married her but issue not ended on it; but the Muslim landlord started torturing and attacking all members of her lady employee.

According to details, a Christian woman named Bashira Bibi aged 50 years got employment in farm of one Muslim landlord named Nazir Ahmad Rai aged 60 years to make her family two ends meet. Bashira Bibi has 6 daughters and one son: Nasreen Bibi 35 year, Fouzia Bibi 30 year old, Sumaira Bibi 28 year old, Sofia Bibi 26 years old Sonia Bibi 24 years old, Paris Masih 22 year and Iqra Bibi 18 years.

After Mohammad Nazir Rai enforcedly marrying Fouzia Bibi, he kept pressure on Bashira Bibi that she must convert to Islam with her full family on which she left his job and moved to vicinity.

Before one month Bashira Bibi started work in the house of another landlord, named Muhammad Afzal. After few days the M Afzal told her that your daughter had accept the Islam so you should also have to accept the Islam but she refused and left that job also.

On 22 September 2016 Bashira Bibi went to Muslim marriage to clean the utensils. In this marriage Muhammad Afzal was also invited and again offered her to start work at his house and accept Islam. But she refused again because of this Muhammad Afzal get aggressive on her and started beateing her with bamboos and trying to kill her with axe, with his brother Muhammad Ali and friends.

But the other peoples who was also there they stopped them to beaten her and Bashira Bibi went her house where her son took her in the hospital because she was injured and still recovering in the hospital.