Interview of Zeeshan Rehmat (A Young Energetic Christian Leader: Baluchistan)


Mr. Zeeshan Rehmat from Baluchistan is a very energetic young Christian leader, who is full of positive potential to make some new changes for the nation, having deep pain for the nation; especially for those who are still suffering because of lack pure leadership.

As I met Mr. Zeeshan Rehmat; and wanted a start of my talk with him, I was wonder that he started his talk with expressing his favorite writer Mr. Ayaz Mir, who is an eminent Pakistani journalist, columnist and senior politician. Why I was wonder because the most of the amount of today’s generation have no interest in reading anything seriously; I can say that was the proof of Mr. Zeeshan’s inner God gifted leadership. He told that he is so impressed of his work and likes him so much because his boldness and because of  his magnanimous writings.

He said that at present he is completing his M.Phil in Economics from Baluchistan University. He said, he believes in educated leadership; the leadership who has the shinning mind. He said that he has very deep interest in politics. During that moment I asked Mr. Zeeshan why you have so much interest in politics, in the elaboration of this line, he said that I think the politics is a some sort of worship as well because a true politician lives for others not for himself. He explained that a true politician make his followers by giving a vision a true vision to the people but many are not giving vision to the people but they are just using them for the time being they need them; as they fulfill their targets, these kinds of leaders rejects those innocent people, who help them to be their leader. He said, these kind of things brought him into politics because he wants to be a leader a real leader who works for the nation.

I asked, about his working as a political leader, then he told that right now he is working as a political leader for PMA (Pakistan Minorities Alliance) in Baluchistan. He expressed, that he is impressed with the great working of Shahbaz Bhatti; who was a great leader of PMA, who gave his life for the nation. He said, that I want to do something for The Christian nation, specially I want them to be educated then join the politics, because as the educated Christian leadership would be get strong in Pakistan; the Christians would get more prominent here and in future they could work for the betterment of their problems.

He also explained that why I’m in a Christian political party because if we see other parties’ constitutions; it doesn’t support to a non-Muslim person. Their constitutions just explain the Islamic religious points, which actually a non-Muslim can’t follow. If he tries to do so means he is not faithful with his religion and it’s a very deep truth nobody should have objection upon this because in The Quad-e-Azam’s Pakistan; every person can freely practice his/her religious rules and can move separately politically as well; as a Pakistani.

I asked Mr. Zeeshan, that in next five years what do you see in your vision? He replied that in next five years; I see myself as a person who would unite the people on the platform of PMA more and more for the betterment of Christian nation. He said that we have many examples of unity in history of many nations; who united and make them strong themselves by hard working not just with takings. At the end he said, I want to give my message to all Pakistanis that if want be something in this world; we are to get proper education.

I also thanked Mr. Zeeshan Rehmat for giving his precious time to talk about such wonderful things inside him.

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