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Blessed are those who are pure in heart – Today’s Message

Matthew 5:8 – How blessed are those who are pure in heart, because it is they who will see God!

Our Lord Jesus Christ has said; purify your hearts and live among others with sincerity. Our God´s Word is all about love. The true love is only that which is expressed with pure and clean heart. Jesus Christ called blessed to those who are pure in heart. Do not keep grudge in heart and pretend to love falsely as that is called hypocrisy. The Word of God clearly forbids us from doing so.

The Bible says that only those who are with clean hearts will see God. If you want to have privilege of seeing God and be part of the endless eternal life, keep your hearts away from sin of grudge and evil intentions against others and purify it as your God has asked you to do. Amen.

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